Coconut Juice Powder

1 kilogram
20 bags / carton (20 kilograms per carton)
Storage and Care:
  • Seal the bag after opening.
  • Avoid excessive heat or moisture.
  • Avoid constant exposure to light.
  • Expiration dates as marked on the package.
Shelf Life:
18 months in room temperature.
※ Customized packaging and OEM orders are available on a private basis.
※ Packaging bags are for reference only, please follow the actual shipment packaging.

Flavor Description

The perfect combination of refreshing coconut and milk, sweet with a little coconut fragrance.


Practice Ratio: (powder: water = 1:6)

1. Mix 100g of coconut drink powder with 300g of hot water and stir until completely dissolved.

2. Then add 300g ice cube and stir, enjoy it!

※ For more details, please watch the video.

※ Milk and syrup can be added according to personal preference.

※ The recipe can be adjusted by personal preference.

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