Beverage Solutions

Exploring the New Era of Beverage Powders

Diverse Flavors to Satisfy Global Tastes

In recent years, the rapid development of the beverage industry has led to the rise of the instant beverage powder market, becoming a favorite among restaurants, supermarkets, and brand chains. In this highly competitive market, our beverage powders stand out with their fine powder texture, diverse flavors, and professional research and development capabilities, offering customers a fresh and innovative experience.

Quality Assurance, Professional Manufacturing

As a food manufacturer, we are committed to transforming high-quality ingredients into excellent beverage powders. Throughout the production process, we implement strict quality control standards, ensuring the stability of the final product from the selection of raw materials to every step of the production process. This ensures that our products are not only finely crafted but also dissolve easily, eliminating consumer concerns about clumping.

Diverse Flavors to Meet Different Needs

Our range of beverage powders includes milk tea powder, milk cap powder, milkshake powder, fruit juice beverage powder, wall-hanging powder, and more. Covering a variety of flavors from traditional classics to innovative seasonal tastes, we cater to the diverse preferences of consumers. Whether your customers prefer rich milk tea or refreshing fruit juice, our products enable them to find their desired flavors.

Customized Services for Exclusive Products

Differentiating ourselves with professional R&D capabilities, we not only adjust the intensity of flavors but also customize parameters such as color, reduced sugar, and reduced milk content based on customer needs. This personalized service not only meets the unique requirements of different customers but also helps brands shape a distinctive image.

Time-Saving, Effortless, and Increased Efficiency

In the fast-paced business environment, saving additional operating time is crucial for restaurant owners and brand managers. Our instant beverage powders not only dissolve easily but also save time and labor costs in the production process, making your business more efficient.

Target Customer Groups

Our beverage powders cater to a diverse range of customers, from restaurant owners to corporate welfare providers, offering products tailored to their specific needs.

Restaurant Owners

We offer distinctive beverage powders to help you stand out in the market while ensuring stable quality.

International Beverage Brands

We offer products that meet international standards, addressing challenges in international logistics and regulations.

High-end Hotels and Resorts

Elevate your brand image with our high-end, specialty beverage powders while ensuring a stable supply.

Specialty Cafés

Partner with us to provide your café with a continuous stream of innovative flavors, making you an industry leader.

Food Chain Supermarkets

We offer a variety of flavored beverage powders to meet the diverse taste preferences of supermarket customers while helping you manage costs effectively.

International Food Distributors

Our reliable supply chain management simplifies your international food distribution business.

Wedding and Event Planning Companies

Provide customized beverage powders for your events, ensuring each occasion is filled with surprises.

Corporate Welfare Providers

Upgrade your corporate welfare offerings with a variety of flavored beverages, meeting employee expectations.

International Airlines and Cruise Lines

Provide diverse flavor solutions within limited space, enhancing the flying or cruising experience.

Individual Brand Entrepreneurs

We are your partners in building a brand, assisting you in overcoming challenges during the early stages of entrepreneurship.

Whether you aim for high-end hotels, unique cafes, or run an internationally-focused food distribution agency, you can find powdered products that best suit your needs.
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