Company Profile

ALLWIN FOOD CO., LTD. is a leading enterprise specializing in food manufacturing and overseas export. We are committed to customizing various food and beverage powders, providing customers with high-quality, diverse beverage and baking solutions. Our product range includes milk tea powder, milk foam powder, fruit juice drink powder, flavoring beverage powder, milkshake powder, soft ice cream powder, snow ice powder, smoothie powder, pudding jelly powder, baking premix powder, walling powder, cake milk tea powder (tiger powder), and more, catering to various customer needs.


We value customer needs by adhering to the principles of innovation, deliciousness, quality, integrity, and sustainability, continuously striving for excellence. Each year, we participate in the Taipei International Food Expo to engage in face-to-face discussions with customers, understand market dynamics, adjust our business strategies accordingly, and provide higher quality products and services.

ALLWIN FOOD CO., LTD. sincerely invites overseas chain beverage stores, hotel restaurant brands, bakeries, and distribution agents to join us as partners. With our extensive production experience and skilled team, we can offer tailored solutions to meet customer requirements. Our diverse product range and excellent quality can meet the needs of various customer segments. We will offer comprehensive support and services to our partners, including market promotion, product training, ongoing technical support, and consistent supply, to collectively expand the market and attain mutual success. We look forward to cooperating with you to create a better future together!