Quality Control

Commitment to Sustainable Operations

Allwin Food Co.,Ltd demonstrates its dedication to sustainable practices and ecological equilibrium through the symbolic representation of a "tree" in its corporate identity. This demonstrates our high regard for corporate social responsibility and our commitment to the sustainable development of future generations.

High Standards in Food Safety Management

Through Multiple International Certifications

We are committed to ensuring the safety of consumers' food by rigorously implementing the food safety management system in accordance with the certification standards for the five major indicators. Through multiple international certifications such as FSSC22000, ISO22000, and HACCP, we ensure that the quality control in the food manufacturing process meets the highest standards, enabling consumers to enjoy our products with confidence.

Compliance with Regulations

The Foundation of Quality Assurance

Guided by domestic and international regulations, we consider these regulations the foundation of our quality management. Furthermore, we consistently review and update our operations to comply with relevant regulations, ensuring that our company consistently meets legal requirements and provides customers with high-quality products.

Proactive Risk Management

Ensuring Consistent and Stable Quality

Through the comprehensive implementation of the food safety system, we have gained complete control over the management of risks and hazards. Certifications such as FSSC22000, ISO22000, and HACCP not only recognize our efforts but also offer strong assurance for maintaining consistent and stable product quality.

Diverse Packaging Equipment

Meet Varied Needs

In the field of packaging, we provide a wide range of options to accommodate the requirements of various products. Recognizing the significance of packaging in the food industry, ALLWIN FOOD CO., LTD. is dedicated to offering a variety of packaging solutions. From convenient on-the-go packaging to options suitable for distribution channels, we provide comprehensive support. Each packaging solution is carefully chosen to match the product's characteristics and meet the practical needs of consumers, offering greater potential for product sales and use.

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