We hold multiple international certifications, including ISO 22000, HACCP, and FSSC 22000, to ensure quality and hygiene throughout the production process. With internal departments dedicated to research and development, quality control, production, packaging, and warehouse management, every aspect undergoes strict control measures, from raw material procurement to final product testing.

  • FSSC22000
    Food Safety System Certification 22000, FSSC 22000, which integrates ISO22000, HACCP and the prerequisite programs (PRPs) of various food categories, is one of the most comprehensive food safety management certification standards in the world. Let consumers know more about the process of the food supply chain and eat our products with peace of mind.
  • ISO22000
    With the rising awareness of the importance of food quality, under the control of ISO22000 standards, we strictly control raw materials and production processes, implement and improve food safety management standards, reduce food risks, ensure the health of consumers, and also win the trust of suppliers, and then enhance the competitiveness in the international market.
    "Food Safety Control System" (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, referred to as HACCP) is currently the best food safety control method generally recognized by countries around the world. The establishment of a HACCP system can indeed prevent and reduce the probability of food hygiene and safety hazards, and ensure that consumers are safe when eating products.